THE RESCUE OF LINDSAY M.: To get money for meth, an addicted mother sells her red-haired teenage daughter, Lindsay, to a South Dakota rancher. Delinski, the rancher, wants to clone a red heifer using Lindsay’s hair so the third and final Temple in Jerusalem can be rebuilt. Fortunately, Lindsay’s grandfather hired private detective John Sloane to find and rescue her. Sloane locates the girl just as a militia attacks the ranch to stop the cloning work, including killing the girl. Suddenly, the rescue mission becomes a race to stay alive.



LOSING FACE: An attorney named Bob buys a nano-tool on the black market that eliminates trace evidence so he can kill his girlfriend and get away with it. After he hides her corpse in her sister’s basement and activates the nano-tool, her sister returns home from a vacation cut-short. Not wanting to appear suspicious, Bob agrees to go back into the house to chat for a few minutes. That’s when his troubles really begin.



THE BICYCLE PATH: An apparently normal suburban husband and father named Ron, trapped in a miserable marriage, goes for a bicycle ride on an Autumn day at twilight. On a bike path in a nearby park, Ron encounters a lone woman jogging. Seeing her jogging alone triggers ugly memories of a woman he once knew in Oregon that someone raped and murdered. He nearly makes it back home safely when a police car with lights and siren catches up to him and cuts him off, literally causing him to run into the law.