What does 3 months & 1 tank of gas mean?

It means that although I made sure I continued riding my motorcycle at least once each month – December 2012 through March 2013, I haven’t been able to ride it as much as I prefer due to a condition known as freakin’ cold, snowy, salty, wet WINTER.

How low can I go? 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything colder, although I have figured out the right combo of clothing, is not too much fun on a 460 pound motorcycle. The needle tips too far toward Cautious and away from Crazy Fun.

But…… all that is about to change (hopefully) by the end of this month!

Yes, that’s right, SPRINGTIME is almost here in Northern Illinois.

Can’t wait. Been prepping and polishing, getting ready to rock and roll once the weather dries out and warms up. My trustworthy steed - Breitback, IA - Sep 02, 2012

Then I’ll be experiencing places like this: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Or this: DSCF5411

But not that: DSCF1020

[A friend took this from the woman’s bathroom at the top of the John Hancock. A twist on “a room with a view”.]

Getting away from the daily grind should mean taking a break from the daily commute, not abstaining from coffee.

Can’t wait!

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