Getting ready to ride again

Here in the northern latitudes, we are still waiting for the weather to improve and warm up so we can get back on our bikes and ride. Soon, maybe just weeks away – hopefully sooner. Doing some maintenance and prep while I wait.

I already have a couple trips planned for this year, one to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the other one out West. That one is still taking shape, sorting through all the variables…

Last weekend was the annual International Motorcycle Show in Chicago. Always fun and interesting, provoking as much desire and fantasy as I suppose reading the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue would. Always inspirational for thinking about the upcoming riding season.

Here are a couple photos of some of the many bikes that were at the show:

IMG-20130209-00007I ride a liter-class sport-tourer bike, but this Indian sure does look pretty. All I need is $35k to take her home, so she’ll have to wait – like maybe forever.

Here are two others that caught my eye:



So until riding season resumes, I theoretically have more time to write, edit, and work on my other projects. However, because I have a laptop, there is no reason why I can’t combine a fun ride with some quality writing time somewhere within a 3 hour radius of home base.

Wow. I just figured out a new way to be motivated to write more often. Plus ride without feeling guilty. Now I have to ride in order to get more writing/production done. Cool.

How about you? What are you gonna do when winter is in the rearview mirror?

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