CHRIS KYLE & Chad Littlefield: Thank you.

It is sad and disturbing that Chris, a highly decorated Navy SEAL, was killed a week ago.

Chris made and his wife and family accepted the sacrifice of his time away from his family to serve our nation – all of us, whether we know it or appreciate it – as a soldier.

He also wrote his autobiography, American Sniper. You can read about it here at Amazon or any other online book seller.

My prayers are for him and his family, as well as for the accused shooter, E.R. Routh, and that guy’s family.

Also killed was Chad Littlefield. He and his family are in my prayers, as well.

Chris and Chad were trying to help the accused killer with that guy’s mental health problems developed as a result of also fighting as a US Marine for us, whether we know of it or care.

Here is just one of many articles about the killings:

Chris founded the Fitco Cares Foundation to help veterans who struggle to heal from PTSD. Please consider making a donation to Fitco Cares or directly to his family – information on how to do that is at the bottom of the Fitco Cares Foundation splash page.

Please take a moment to read the Fitco Cares Director’s statement on the killings and the restated commitment of Fitco Cares to help our veterans:


by Travis A. Cox

News or coverage of Chris Kyle’s funeral, today, February 11, 2013:

Dallas News |

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