The Rescue of Lindsay M.

First of all, I apologize to my current blog readers. Both of them deserve an explanation as to why I am posting on Wednesday instead of “by Monday evening”.  But I won’t give it to them. Instead, I’ll launch straight into this blog post. This way, I won’t risk complaining about how my day job got in the way for a few days.

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This short story is actually a re-imagining of the story from a novel I wrote a few years ago. The Islamic attacks of Sept 11, 2001 as well as learning of the existence of over 30 jihadi training camps inside the United States prompted me to shelve the novel and work on other things.

But the key elements of the story wouldn’t let me go. It is fascinating that US Evangelicals have been working closely with Orthodox rabbis from Israel to hopefully create a red heifer – a 3-year-old female cow that is completely red-haired (no a single white hair as often occurs on red cows) for rabbinical use to cleanse the temple mount in Jerusalem.

Once the temple mount is cleansed, the building of the Third Temple can begin. And that is believed by many Jews and Christians to set a clock ticking for the end of history as we live & know it – for either the appearance or the return of the Messiah. Of course, for a Jew to set foot back on the temple mount risks a hysterical reaction and even war due to the Muslim claim to an area that overlaps the Jewish temple mount. Al-Asqa mosque sits on part of the temple mount.

Since 9/11, it is difficult to find a lot of info on the Internet about the US ranchers helping the rabbis. I believe some were considering or did try cloning a red heifer. Being a writer, it was a very easy leap to spin a story about a rancher cloning a red heifer using the hair gene from a red-haired girl. Human and bovine hair genes are almost identical so using a red hair from a person to engineer a red cow is not that far off from happening, if it hasn’t already been tried.

It bothers me a bit that some people are willing to do almost anything in the name of their God in order to make his prophecy (and hence, God Himself) real and valid. My God doesn’t need my help to make Him appear more real or to help prophecy along.

Interwoven with this main story thread are a few allusions to one of my favorite movies, North By Northwest, written by Ernest Lehman at the suggestion or request of director Alfred Hitchcock. There are at least six references to either the movie or another Hitchcock film, to the director and the writer, and even to the location of the story: North by Northwest of Mt. Rushmore. Can you find at least six?

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